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TurnCoat Patriotism

ஜூலை7, 2011

“Capitalist crimes like corruptions; Human right violations and Dominance Wars are justified in the name of Patriotism

It is not easy to forget the scene: a nude boy with Tri-color flag punched in his chest. It doesn’t tell only the conflict between the freedom and poverty.  Also tells the national symbols are forcedon poor people, whenthey in send their children to ration shops, anganwadi centersas they unable to feed food to own children. After forgot the Breast-feed our children are immediately feed with thoughts of nation like: desh-bakthi or patriotism, national feeling, national security, national unity.
School, College, University, Media, TV Channels, Movies all teaches the same. Government Companies, Government Administration Offices, Police, Armed Force, Legislative body, State, Ministry everything has the symbols that imitates the same thought.The thoughts of nation made sacred. To stop question on their rational mind, or raise doubt on it, there are several punishing acts on fail to respect national symbols; totally to arrest, put into prison, punish under criminal acts there are many suits added in National Security Act. British colonists punished freedom fighters under the Sedition Acts; nowthe current rulers punish the questioning, doubting people under the sedition acts in the name of nation.
Patriotism, national feelings and national unity are necessary only when fight and sacrifice with that feeling to save people & country in foreign invasion.But, fascist rulers use these as the ready-made shield to justify their brutal rule, corruptions and imperialiststo dominance wars and seize sources of occupied country.
From that day’s Italy’s Mussolini, German’s Hitler and Spain’s Franco to today’s George Bush, Obama ran all criminal, brutal activities in the name of Nation only. In King’ rule all such brutal actions happened in the name of “loyalty to King” only.In most Islamic countries “shariat rule” runs on by religion beliefs, and loyalty. Also in most African, Latin-American countries Military-Fascist-Brutal rules run in the name of Nation.Now even in big western democratic countries too, the people are passionate by nation, scandals-corruptions, fascist oppressions are goes without any obstacles.
Lots of corruptions and silly-scandals around Rs.70,0000 million, came out public in the Common Wealth Games held in last year’s end. Congress UPA government refused to take any investigation steps by saying “National Pride will spoil” “National dishonor may happen”. But after the the arrangements are gone worst and got more complaints, threaten of boycott from other countries, it changed the functionary in-charges and finished the games with half-made, urgent arrangements.
Ministers, Army Higher officials, Generals shared the land& houses, which are built in south Mumbai sea-shores in the Army owned land by absconding the rules and allocated to the soldiers who sacrificed their life to save nation in Kargil war.
The lands over the country’s different parts belong to Armed Forces are sold to privates at very low rates.Lots of scandals, corruptions happened in buying Military Uniforms, Materials for camps, Food Materials for Soldiers’s Family (to give at very low price).Also thousand of million rupees scandals occurred in trades of Fighter Flights, Fighter Ships, and Artilleries for Three Forces. For example in trading Bofors Artilleries, German Submarines Rajiv Gandhi and Sonia’s relative Quotrochi are caught, though the government argued they are bought for nation security and refused to disclose the details.
In the name of national unity, and anti-terrorist actions; innocent youths are killed in encounters by Armed Forces in Kashmir and North-East Indian territories.Women are kidnapped, rapped, killed and found dead at canals.The small boys who throws stones against the Armed Forces for their brutal activities are killed like shooting the crows in the streets.Such brutal actions with cover “Armed Forces Specials Act” are justified by nation’ unity and national security.Not only the Military activities, strategies; their administration, finance also kept in secret, and knowing, trying to know are made as national sedition. Sedition and National security petitions are filed against those who fight against these. Not only the Army is kept out from public as “Sacred”, also the police, legislative, Administration Ruling Class people’s (the asset information of police officials, judges who caught in corruptions, scams) information are refused in Right to Information Act, and kept behind the National Security Iron Screen.
Tamil Movie Director Seeman was arrested and kept in prison, when he spoke against the Indian Tamil Fishermen killed by Srilankan Navy.The Tamil nationalist leaders were arrested as they announced their support to Tamil Eelam. How does the striggleagainst the Srilankan navy goes against Indian Nation and its sovereignty?
Giving saffron Hindutva-Religional-Casteiest color to Nationalism, the Islamic-Christianminority’s rights are turned as against to Indian nation by the RSS-BJP, VHP Groups. The Narendra Modi lead Hindiutva-Fascist group announces the people who question the Modi’s criminal kills, as opponents to Indian Nation and Gujarat. Questioners of Yeddurappa’s Scams-Corruptions are all traitors to Kannada: Yeddurappa says.
Their American, British Master’s also doing the same strategy throughout the world.In the name of Nation sake, World war against terrorism they send automatic flights over the Iraq, Afgan, Pakistan and pours bombs and kills the innocent people.Recently a comedy has come out to describe how is their Nation.Dennis Montgomery a American software fraud convinced American Army Officials Pentagon, that he has found a software to decode Al-Qaeda, and claimed more than 20 million Dollars from Bush Government. Later they suspect and found as fake. Bush government caught as thief stinks by Scorpion. Even though it came out public the government closed it as National Security Secret, now recently also closed it by saying National Security.
Whether these National Loyalty, Patriotism, Unity, Security are should be obeyed by people without any conditions? Does Nation notify country and people? Does denote Ruling party or Alliance government and its permanent allied state functionaries?Does the Loyalty to Nation denote loyalty these all? So citizen faithfully co-operate with these government, state and its administration for its all activities. Or if some citizen not co-operate and questions, struggles against, if needed try to throw out Nation’s State and government goes as National Sedition?
Still Country’s old Intelligentsia too confuses the Nation, National Sake, and Loyal to Nation with Government. How can be the support to America’s British’s Iraq invasion,brutal war is National Loyalty? Whether the wish to their own nation’s fail in dominance war will be considered as National Sedition?The fallof Hitler, Mussolini, Franco those conducted history’s most brutal war on world only would be the wish and National Feeling of their citizens, Right?
The Government and state lead by Narasimma Rao, Vaj Payee, Manmohan Singh are continuously signed lots of in Military, Political, Economical agreements and deals to slave and pledge our countryto American Imperialism.Even after many times disrespected by the American they behave like Bootlicking loyal dogs.Indian Ministers and Officers are checked nude at Airports.Women’s virginity checked. Poisoned at airport in suspect of terrorists.Indian students at Americaare radio-tagged with tracking devices like animals.The American Security Officials take over the control of our security, police, intelligenceoffices while Bush and Obama visits.Tagging with identity cards insulted even our Ministers.Even a single move against the Americans involved in Bhopal we can’t take.More than this slavery political, economical, military, atomic agreements are signed.We have to keep our foreign principle as flexible to their willings. The rulers who pledge all National Sake, National Respect, Pride, Security, are the real traitors of nation. But those all fight  against these are stamped as terrorists and oppressed as dangerous to internal security.
The government functionaries and state functionaries are loyally helps the Corporate, Ruling Capitalist, and multinational imperialists in against the nation and people.The educated intelligentsia does not try to understand this or hide, close it if knew, also proudly calling them as “INDIANS” without any hesitation.But really the pride remains in fighting against these traitors of country and people.

Published in Tamil Montly “New Democracy”


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